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Mountain Biking in Kitsap County

posted by: BEST WESTERN PLUS Silverdale on: January 24, 2014 5:41:50 PM

Kitsap County is not only home to the 2nd longest shoreline in Washington State, but also a large network of trails.  Hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers will find some great trails to get out into the woods while visiting our Silverdale Beach Hotel.

Whether you’re looking to cruise the coastline in style and comfort, or want to get into the mountainous trails you’ll find what you’re looking for.  There are some great road cycling routes available from Silverdale to other nearby towns in Kitsap Country.  For those looking to get into some trail riding you can find some great trail for all ability levels at the Newberry Hill Heritage Park right here in Silverdale.  For a longer and more advanced ride, check out the Nearby Green Mountain State Forest.  The Wild Cat trail is about 10 miles round trip and takes you to the summit of the 2nd highest peak in Kitsap County.  Needless to say, the views from the top of Puget Sound, Seattle, and the Bremerton Watershed are incredible!  Once you’ve hit the top, enjoy a nice long cruise back to the bottom.  The best part is, with the mild climate in Kitsap County, you can ride year round!  Check out this video of the descent down Green Mountain from March!

Green Mountain Descent from MarkHL on Vimeo.

 Green mountain is located just a short drive south of our hotel, the park offers vehicle parking at both the Wild Cat and Gold Creek trailheads.  A map is available here for route planning here. 

Need to gear up before hitting the trails?  Head over to the Silverdale Cyclery.  They’re located near our hotel and they feature a wide range of bikes for any ability level and trail-type.  Once you’ve finished a big day of riding, you’ll be able to kick back in our sauna, stretch out in the pool and soak those tired muscles in our indoor hot tub.  Top that off with a cocktail at the on site Beachfront Martini Lounge and you’ve got all the ingredients for one epic day. 

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