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There are a lot of words for what Kitsap County looks like in spring. Beautiful, obviously, but also stunning, gorgeous, awe-inspiring. We’re even partial to splendid.

There’s really no better time to visit Kitsap than May because everything is just so overwhelmingly scenic – but if you need another reason, maybe some of these upcoming events will appeal!



Best known as one of the principle songwriters and singers of Great Big Sea, Alan Doyle is a talented songwriter who brings incredible, infectiously upbeat energy to his Celtic-influenced songs! On May 4, you can catch Doyle at the Admiral Theater for a special performance with his touring band, The Beautiful Gypsies. Doyle is on record saying “I always want people to have the greatest night of their life when the house lights go down” and we’re sure he won’t fail to deliver!



A wedding show with a difference! Instead of taking place in a stuffy convention centre, Kitsap Wedding Tours takes you to multiple scenic venues and shows you the vendors vying to create your special day doing what they do best – creating unforgettable weddings! It’s a more relaxed take on the traditional Wedding Expo, letting you go on a romantic tour while making your plans!



It doesn’t matter who you are, or how above it you think you are. When you see an old, beaten up sedan drive HARD into another car in a destruction derby, you flinch – then you CHEER. There’s something viscerally entertaining about a destruction derby, and the Kitsap Destruction Derby Association are kicking off their 2019 season on May 19 at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds!

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Now that spring is here, it’s time to get outside and get moving! Kitsap county is blessed with some of the most beautiful locales in the world, nestled as it is between the Pacific ocean and the lush green and spectacular mountains of Washington state! If you’re looking for some hikes that will help you appreciate the changing of the season, come to Kitsap for some of these awesome walks!



Full of various trails that are open to hikers, horseback riders, bicycles and more, Green Moutain State Forest is absolutely beloved by everyone lucky enough to live in Kitsap. The trails are well-kept, but it should be noted that it is quite hilly. On the plus side, that means you’ll have spectacular views on the end of your hike! On the down side, if you’re exploring with very young children you may have some sulky campers to contend with. Still, if you’re up for it this network of trails is well worth your time!



Okay, this one isn’t so much a “hike” as an INCREDIBLE sight! Located a short drive from town, Rocky Brooks Falls is a short walk into the woods that rewards you with a glimpse of a magnificent waterfall! Take a picnic and enjoy the rush of the water.



Located in Silverdale, Clear Creek Trail is a long walk with great trails! Perfect for walking your dog, this trail will take you across all sorts of varied terrain including forest and coastline and is so beautiful that anyone you run into on the trail will absolutely be smiling! Please appreciate that we’re sharing one of the area’s best-kept secrets with you here… try to keep it under your hat!

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Take part in a fun scavenger hunt that lets you take home original pieces of art! Local artists handmake original, one-of-a-kind posters and distribute them throughout the locally owned shops of Bremerton, Washington here in Kitsap county! The best part? Once you find one of these posters, it’s yours to take home!

The name comes from a typo in an old educational poster for how to dress in the Navy shipyards in the area, made for the women who took to that industry in the advent of World War II. The organizers say that “it stands for hard work, education, and of course is a tip of the hardhat to our beloved shipyard.” In any case, it’s a fun event that takes place on the first Friday of every month in the spring and summer that will let you discover local stores and local art! Check it out in April on the 5th!



Gilbert and Sullivan are in many ways the creators of what we now call “The Musical,” combining fun and unforgettable song numbers combined with colorful and entertaining stories! Their classic The Mikado is one of their best, a hilarious fusion of British culture and Japanese folklore that has tickled audiences for nearly a century and a half! Featuring classic songs like “Three Little Maids” and “The Hour of Gladness,” The Mikado is an utter delight!

Catch New York’s Gilbert & Sullivan Players at The Admiral Theater on April 12 for a truly stunning production of this classic piece of musical theater!

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We love living on the Kitsap peninsula, and are told that it’s a great place to visit too! We wouldn’t know – the Pacific Northwest is home.



When the winter ice finally melts and spring is here, you want to be READY for it with all the gardening supplies to make the most of your growing season! If you have a green thumb you need to be at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in Bremerton on March 15-17 for the Home & Garden Expo! Featuring nearly 100 experts and vendors who can help you plan your garden and home renovations, this is your chance to make your home the cosy paradise it was always meant to be! Take part in informative workshops, buy value-priced bulbs, learn handy garden maintenance tips and more!



As part of the Home & Garden Expo, the Kitsap Building Association is putting on a HUGE Antique show and sale! “Say Hello to Yesterday” is a showfloor full of antiques, vintage furniture and repurposed art! Transform you home and garden with a stunning conversation piece or a tasteful piece of teak – and remember, the fun is in the find!  



If you love acts like Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers and The Avett Brothers then do yourself a favor – pick up some tickets to see The Hunts at The Admiral Theater in Bremerton on March 29! This band of seven siblings have been playing music with each other their entire lives, and have perfected a brand of uplifting Americana that will make you want to dance and singalong! They’re bound to be stars and this is the perfect moment to catch them in a magical theatre performance.

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They don’t make ‘em like they used to anymore! What are “’em”? EVERYTHING! If you love quality craftsmanship and great materials, you owe it to yourself to to check out the Redeemed Revival Festival in at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in nearby Bremerton, this March 1 and 2.  

This is the LARGEST vintage market in the Kitsap peninsula, and it only takes place once a year! Boasting over 50,000 square feet of fair ground and over 95 vendors, you’re going to find something you love. Vintage apple crates, gorgeous antique lamps, forgotten gems and more! Whether you’re decorating your new home or just hoping to find the jewel of your collection of antique Stanley hand-planes, this is a must-visit. It’s fun just to browse! Don’t miss out.



As winner of season 2 of American Idol, Ruben Studdard won the hearts and minds of America! Possessing an angelic voice and incredible stage presence, Studdard is one of the few performers who could even HOPE to take on the works of one of R&B’s true originals, Luther Vandross! See Ruben perform hits like “Any Love,” “If Only For One Night,” “Dance with My Father” and more at the at Clearwater Casino in Suquamish on the Kitsap Peninsula on March 7th!



Lots of bands cover the greats – but this is your chance to catch a band that BACKS one of the greats! The Lords of 52nd Street are, and have always been, Billy Joel’s band. Featuring some of the best musicians in the biz, these incredible performers don’t have to copy greatness – they ARE that greatness! See them play some their signature hits for two shows at the Admiral Theater in Bremerton on March 8 and 9.

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When John Coltrane released A Love Supreme in 1965, he created a bona fide classic. Not only is it one of the heaviest, most incredible jazz albums ever recorded, it’s also a great introduction to jazz, an album both aficionados and neophytes can agree on. From its opening gong wash and urgent but relaxed sax fill to its low refrain of “a love supreme, a love supreme,” this album is what modern jazz is about.

We’ve lost the opportunity to see John Coltrane perform the album with his quartet, but you can catch the next best thing by seeing the Hanrahan Quartet perform all four parts of A Love Supreme at the historic Roxy Theatre in Bremerton on February 15. Presented by the Bremerton Symphony Association!



Olalla Winery is a little slice of paradise. A small, family owned and operated vineyard and winery, the intimate tasting room is a fantastic place to enjoy locally produced wines in the company of someone special. Even better is tasting that wine while listening to the Winery’s Friday night concert series! In February, you can check out Eric & The Steves performing vintage bluegrass on the 8th, or Acoustic Transitions on the 15th as they transform the space into an intimate and joyful concert space! A great way to spend the Valentine’s Day weekend.



Want to go on a stunning walk through all the beauty of nature? Silverdale’s Newberry Hill Heritage Park has a variety of walking trails ranging from “leisurely stroll” to “casual hike” that will take you to some stunning vistas, all while surrounded by the incredible pines of the Pacific Northwest! Again, if you’re looking for someplace to visit for a romantic Valentine’s Day weekend, this is a great way to find some precious alone time with that special someone!

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Call us biased, but we believe there is no place more romantic than the Pacific Northwest. Sure, there are plenty of beautiful places in the world and our coast is more rugged than, say, the Caribbean’s, but we think there is more life, love and beauty here than anywhere else in the world. That’s why the Kitsap Peninsula is a great place for a romantic getaway!



On February 9-17, , visit the Bloedel Nature Reserve for a very special tour for lovers! The Bloedel Reserve was actually built on a love story; founded in 1951 by Prentice and Virginia Bloedel, the Reserve was this couple’s gift to each other and the world, a Garden of Eden on earth. Filled with beautiful sights, stunning plants and fascinating animals from the region, the Bloedel Reserve is a must-visit at any time of year but especially as a romantic walk for Valentine’s.

Cupid’s Walk is free with admission, and gives you a map suggesting the most romantic spots on the reserve for sitting and appreciating nature and each other. There will also be wine and chocolate available! Get in touch with nature and each other this February!



Are there wedding bells in your future? If so, then you should check out the Wedding Expo February 2 at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds! Weddings are expensive – make sure you’re getting the best value by speaking with dozens of exhibitors competing to make your special day perfect! Shop for dresses, taste samples from caterers, meet DJs and photographers – everything you need for the big day under one roof!

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Kitsap County is one of the most beautiful places in the world. January marks a special time in the area where the skies turn gray (and arguably MORE beautiful) and it starts to feel more special to enjoy a coffee or a drink from inside the warm glow of a venue! Here are some upcoming shows that will make you feel warm, cozy, and completely delighted!



Carrying forth her Celtic American roots, Kyle Carey is a profound talent. Combining storytelling, lyrical expression and lush arrangements, Carey’s delicate voice elevates whatever room she’s in, turning it into a deep, warm retreat from the rest of the world. She plays nourishing music, songs that restore your sense of balance and beauty so you can face the world anew.

On January 19, Kyle Carey will be playing in nearby Olalla Washington as part of the Olalla Community Club’s Olalla House Concerts series! It’s sure to be an absolutely special experience.



Between Glee, America’s Got Talent and the Pitch Perfect movies, America has been seeing a new renaissance in acapella music! Exploring the full range and capabilities of the human voice, acapella ditches instruments in favor of talented singers creating, and recreating, arrangements of popular songs.

In the new landscape of acapella, Voiceplay are among the best. Their Youtube videos have garnered millions of views and they’ve played sold-out shows for adoring crowds all around the world! Even better, their stage show has reached the next level, combining choreography and storytelling to create a dizzying and hilarious concert experience that you’re unlikely to ever forget.

Voiceplay will be performing at the Admiral Theatre in Bremerton on January 19! Don’t miss out!

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Come to Kitsap this January!


There’s a reason Polar Bear Swims are on most people’s bucket lists – the ultimate wake up for the new year, jumping into a body of water on January 1st is like starting 2019 with a cold shower! Jump into the water of the Pacific Ocean at Lytle Beach on Bainbridge Island this New Year’s Day and get the year started right – by crossing a goal of your checklist FIRST THING!



Mochi, the Japanese sweet treat, is traditionally eaten around the new year! That’s why the Japanese community of Bainbridge Island have banded together to make Mochi Tsuki, the making of this delicious sweet treat, an annual Kitsap tradition! Watch experienced hands pounding the mochi rice rhythmically to attain the delicious texture of this beloved candy! Takes place January 5 at Woodward Middle School on Bainbridge Island – and don’t miss a performance by Seattle Kokon Taiko at noon! This event is totally free and well worth your time.



The Portland Cello Project is an Oregon-based group that finds ways to update the sound of this classic and sonorous instrument! On January 11 they will be coming to Bremerton’s Admiral Theater to perform the entirety of Radiohead’s classic concept album, OK Computer, on string instruments! It’s going to be fun, weird, and totally beautiful.



Eddie Money WAS the sound of the 80s. The architect of hits like “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Two Tickets to Paradise” and “Think I’m in Love,” Eddie Money helped ensure that radio-listeners and concert-goers would have the best night of their life. On January 11, he will be playing the Clearwater Casino helping you kick your new year off on the right foot.

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If you ask us, the Pacific Northwest is paradise on Earth. Even in the dead of winter, it is lush and green, teeming with life everywhere. We can’t imagine a better place to wake up for the first morning of 2019, surrounded by some of the most beautiful environs in the world, watching the crash of the Pacific Ocean against the rocks of the shore.

Of course, if you’re going to wake up here in 2019, that means you need to find something to do here in 2018! Here are our recommendations.



The Admiral Theater in nearby Bremerton is an incredible venue that hosts all sorts of shows all year around – and they’re huge supporters of comedy! On December 31, come to the Admiral for a comedy extravaganza that will put you in a good mood for the coming year. Organized by Seattle’s Comedy Underground, creators of the Seattle International Comedy Competition, this show will feature some of the area’s FUNNIEST people putting a smile on your face! Now that’s comedy.

Then, when the laughter finally dies down, there will be a dance party on the Admiral’s stage! Imagine swaying with your partner on the floor of a classic theater stage – now, that’s romance. It’s sure to be a great time.



If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, then why not share a cocktail with that special someone, enjoying each other’s company until the clock chimes midnight? Located on our premises, The Beach Front Martini Lounge happens to be one of the finest cocktails bars in town! Spend the night watching the water with a delicious cocktail made by one of our talented bartenders.

Then, once you’ve kissed to celebrate the changing of the year, all you have to do is take a few steps your luxurious, room at the Best Western Plus Silverdale Beach Hotel, so you can wake up in style and comfort to welcome 2019! Book your room today!