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Heading over to enjoy Kitsap County’s summer fun this August? You’re in luck. Alongside all the usual goings-on around town, there’ll also be a whole host of events taking place that are sure to provide plenty of fun for the whole family. We have music, fairs, cultural festivals...and even more music. You’ll find all the essential details below.

Summer sounds

It’s been a fantastic series, but the Summer Sounds music series will be coming to an end on August 15. Head down to the waterfront in Gig Harbor and you’ll be able unwind under the setting sun, as you’re serenaded by local musical talent. A great way to spend the evening during your stay.

acoustic guitar

Olalla music fest

The Olalla Americana Music Festival will be taking place on August 19, in what is shaping to be one of the best events of summer. Taking place at South Kitsap Southern Little League Field, the music festival will be bringing the best American music to Kitsap County, with artists playing blues, bluegrass, folk, jazz music, among others.

Kitsap county fair

It’s not summer without a trip to the fair! The Kitsap County Fair and Stampede will be returning to the region from August 23 - 27 in nearby Bremerton. Performances, destruction derby’s, all out fun...we all know it’ll be great!

Pacific culture

Get your dose of Pacific Island culture, right in Bremerton. The 2nd Annual Pacific Islander Festival 2017 will be bringing dances, music, food, and much more. Takes places on August 26, from 11am - 5pm.

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The best place to stay in Kitsap County!

Living on the water gives you a special relationship to the water. Those of us who choose to call the Pacific Northwest shores of Kitsap County are always out in the sun and on the beach, enjoying the beauty of the local area. When you visit, you should always make time to enjoy the Pacific Ocean!



Have you ever dreamed of sheets billowing in the sea air and the spray of ocean mist in your face as you scramble over riggings, plotting a course for the open ocean? Does your family love the Pirates of The Caribbean movies? Or do you just want a taste of how the sailors of yesteryear made their living on the high seas? Well, you’re in luck, because this January and August, two classically styled tall ships, the Lady Washington and the Hawaiian Chieftain, are touring Washington state! On July 28 to August 1st, they’ll be docked in nearby Gig Harbour at Arabella’s Landing. Even better, they’re offering more than just a tour of the boats: get on board and take to the water with the Adventure Sail, see how ships would maneuver around each other when locked in combat with the popular Battle Sail, or take to the tranquil waters for the romantic Evening Sail! Whatever you pick, it will be a memorable way to experience the Pacific Northwest. Tickets and details available here.

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The best place to stay in Kitsap County!

If you’re in Seattle, Kitsap county is just a ferry ride away. The Bremerton-Seattle ferry is just a little over an hour, but you may as well be in a different world afterwards. It’s the same beautiful coastline, but removed from the hectic schedules of the city – take a day, or several, to take a deep breath and re-center!

Or, if you’re looking to get a little OFF-center…


Now in its 7th year, the Bremerton Summer Brewfestis a celebration of Washington State and its diverse cast of microbreweries and beers. Taking place over two days, July 14 and 15, on the picturesque Bremerton Waterfront, the festival features 36 Washington brewers showcasing over 100 of their finest beers.

The Pacific Northwest is maybe most famous for their mind-melting IPAs and bitters because of the fantastic growing conditions for hops, but if you don’t have a taste for the sour, fret not! This year’s Brewfest is themed after fruit-based beers, celebrating the harvest of the summer and great taste. Even if you’re going because you’re married to a beer lover and think you don’t like any kinds of ales or lagers, I guarantee you’ll find something to love. And if not, there is actually a heavily reduced entrance fee for designated drivers, making this the ultimate birthday or anniversary gift!

Of course, it isn’t all about beer – there will be live music and food vendors as well. However, we all know what makes live music and food even better…

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The best place to stay in Bremerton-Silverdale!

Kitsap County is never more beautiful than in the summer. The weather is gorgeous, and because we’re right against the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by lush greenery, it never gets too hot, making us the perfect way to enjoy the sun without suffering from the heat. Of course, it’s never a bad idea to visit Bremerton-Silverdale, but if you want to take a break from the every day, there’s no better time than in July!


The history of Bremerton is deeply entwined with the history of the Kitsap Naval Base; the US Navy is actually the area’s biggest employer, after all! That makes for a pretty fascinating Century to explore!

You can take a glimpse of this paired history by visiting the Puget Sound Navy Museum, which offers a glimpse into the proud history of the US Navy and the brave men and women who have served it. Their current event, “When Baseball Went to War” explores the history of Navy baseball from its earliest years through World War II. When Americans took to the seas to defend America and its interests, it should be no surprise that they took America’s favorite past-time with them! See beautiful archival photos of sailors playing baseball on makeshift diamonds on battleships and airceraft carriers, and learn how famous athletes like Yogi Berra, Bob Feller, and Ted Williams began their careers in the service!

This one-of-a-kind exhibit is running all summer, and is a great chance to see a quirky slice of history that many have forgotten!

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In Kitsap County, we know how to make our own fun. Take, for instance, the Fathoms O’ Fun festival in Sinclair Inlet! A non-profit community group that puts on great events for local families and visitors alike, Fathoms O’ Fun keeps Kitsap County in summer fun, and has been for nearly fifty years. Check out these upcoming events!



This is a lot of fun every year. The annual dinghy derby is a chance to get out on the water and make a splash! Teams or individuals enter their one-of-a-kind makeshift boats and dinghies, with prizes for the best propulsion, best theme, ugliest dinghy and more! It’s like Halloween on the water! This is lots of fun every year. Come see the most ridiculous boats on the water!


Kitsap county loves America, and on the 4th of July we’ll be showing that with an incredible fireworks display over Sinclair Inlet! The beauty of professional fireworks paired with the scenic beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Bring your familyand be blown away by the display!


This is the big show! July 6-9th, Fathoms O’ Fun puts on one of the biggest carnivals in the Pacific Northwest! Taking place in Port Orchard, Saturday hosts a parade featuring over 1000 participants and floats, marching bands, and more. What’s more there are carnival rides, street food, and games! The Fathoms O’ Fun is a celebration of summer, and a must visit when you’re in the Pacific Northwest.

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The best place to stay in Kitsap County!

The sun is starting to stay up for later, which makes it easier to stay up, go out, and have fun! There are a ton of opportunities to have a great night in Kitsap county, but here are some of our favorites!


Kitsap County has all the warmth and beauty of small communities, but it’s also a port to the Pacific Ocean and the rest of the world! Is it any wonder we have access to some of the most delicious tastes from around the globe?

On May 20th, the Little Creek Casino hosts Waves of Perfection: A Culinary Journey of Food and Wine. A fundraiser for the Squaxin Island Museum, Library and Research Center, Waves of Perfection enters its fourth year with even more delicious food to choose from! Enjoy:

· Table-side crepes, savory and sweet, prepared while you watch!
· A twelve foot table full of cheeses from around the world (and the selection grows every year!).
· Delicious, hand made chocolates from Little Creek!
· Watch for fresh strawberries dipped in dark, sexy chocolate.
· Fresh oysters from our very own coast, and some of the freshest seafood you will ever enjoy!
· A huge selection of red and white wines to be paired with every dish, and champagne for the end of the night!

There will also be fun games, a silent auction, and chances to win original Coast Salish art to take home!

This is a fantastic event every year, and this year will be the best one yet! Buy tickets here and prepare to have a tremendous night out!


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The best place to stay in Kitsap!

Modern life can get you down. There are all sorts of demands on your time and attention, and at times it can feel like you’re barely keeping up, if not drowning.

Kitsap County is a retreat from the rat race all year round, but if you feel like you REALLY need a break from the modern day, well…

Have we got a treat for you


This June 3rd at Norseland in Bremerton, WA (a short drive from Silverdale!), you can take a trip back through time at the Kitsap Medieval Faire! Sponsored by the Society of Creative Anachronism, this will be a chance to see how life was lived well before the internet, cell phones, TV, even fax machines!

Interested in picking up some beautiful hand-crafted souvenirs? The Artisan Village features local and visiting craftspeople practicing ancient crafts like weaving, calligraphy and blacksmithing, giving a glimpse of medieval work while also offering stunning crafts that you can take home!

Watch Medieval War Re-enactments

If your interests run more towards the martial arts, the Kitsap Medieval Faire will also feature Medieval War re-enactments! Trained actors will demonstrate the art of war in various scenarios, including field battles, sieging a bridge and scaling walls, all while in full armor! It’s going to be an exciting display for certain.

You can also get a glimpse at how the royal class spent their time by watching a re-enactment of a classic medieval tournament! See the best fencers and heavy sword athletes compete for honor and fame!

There will also be archery lessons, demonstrations of classic siege engines, and food vendors selling the best of medieval treats. Take the whole family and have a great time outside of time!

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The Best Place to stay in Kitsap!

The Kitsap peninsula has a pace all its own. People here love this community and the way we get together to make each other’s lives more fun. If you want a chance to relax and get into the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, check out these upcoming events!


Looking for ways to make a more beautiful life? The Peninsula Home & Garden Expo is here to help! With dozens of vendors, exhibition shows and more, this is meant to be one stop shop for all your home, garden and renovation needs. Looking for help on how to improve your home? Daily seminars are free with your expo pass, and will give you helpful tips for how to add solar panels to your home, earthquake-proof your building, organize your closets, preserve your garden harvest, and more!

There’s a lot for you to do, but if you have kids they won’t be bored either. There will a scavenger hunt, a garden art walk, and a Lego building competition for children ages 5-12.

This is the biggest home exhibition West of Seattle, so don’t miss out on a more handsome home and gorgeous garden this March 17-19th at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds in nearby Bremerton.


Whether you’re full-blown Irish or just appreciate the color green and a pint of Guinness, you’re welcome at the 26th Annual St. Patrick’s day parade in historic downtown Bremerton. A local institution, this is a chance for the Kitsap community to shine. With floats, music, face painting and more, this is a glimpse into why so many of us call Washington State, and the Kitsap Peninsula, home. Come celebrate community and the luck of the Irish!

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The best place to stay in Kitsap! 

Silverdale Beach is centrally located in Washington’s beautiful Kitsap County. Come explore the best of the Pacific Northwest!


On the first Saturday of the month, April 1st, visit Gig Harbour for a showcase of some of the Pacific Northwest’s best local artists in a delightful, family friendly event on a beautiful waterfront. The Gig Harbor Waterfront Alliance is re-launching this award-winning event as yet another step towards showcasing downtown as an enjoyable destination for both visitors and area residents. This free event allows art enthusiasts to stroll through seven galleries featuring artist demonstrations, refreshments, and displays reflecting a diverse selection of mediums and styles, all while enjoying the splendor of Kitsap county’s waterfront.


Celebrate Spring with this incredible garden show! A local institution, the Heronswood Plant Sale in Kingston, WA is a treat for anyone with a home garden. Featuring talks by renowned gardeners, vendors with gorgeous plants and advice for how to raise them, educational workshops and delicious food from local restaurants, this will be a perfect opportunity to plan your garden for the year and bathe in some lush greenery.


Winner of the Seattle Times Spotlight Award for Promising New Work in 2016, The Crossing is a musical that tells the backstory to Amelia Earhart’s ill-fated 1932 trans-Atlantic solo flight. It tells the story of her encounter with Ray Spenser, an aviation meteorologist with a troubled past. Written by Paul Lewis and Carissa Meisner-Smit, The Crossing is a deeply human story with beautiful music composed by Lewis, and a fantastic cast of local actors. See it Fridays and Saturdays at Jewel Box Theatre in nearby Poulsbo, WA, until April 8th!

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The best place to stay on the Kitsap Peninsula!

The Pacific Northwest is full of incredible beauty, and the Kitsap peninsula is one of its most awe-inspiring locations. There’s a reason we choose to live here, perched against the Pacific Ocean. Come visit Silverdale and discover this incredible place, and check out these fun events!


Are you a business owner looking to network? Interested in learning about local non-profits, all while meeting other socially responsible entrepreneurs? This Wednesday, March 1st at the Best Western Plus Silverdale Beach Hotel, join us for Silverdale Green Drinks, a chance to sip, chat, and connect with the best in Silverdale’s businesses and green initiatives. This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

If you’re thinking of attending, please RSVP to rsvp4silverdalegreendrinks@gmail.com, and let us know we’re going to have the pleasure of meeting you! This event is limited to 21+, sorry.


Do you love antiques? Faded but useful remnants of a simpler time? Are you looking to give a one of a kind touch to your home? You don’t want to miss the Redeemed Revival Festival in nearby Bremerton, this March 3rd to 4th at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds.

This is the LARGEST vintage market in the Kitsap peninsula, and it only takes place once a year! Boasting over 50,000 square feet of fair ground and over 95 vendors, you’re going to find something you love. Vintage apple crates, gorgeous antique lamps, forgotten

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